September 27 2018



Reset what you do about growth, now.

About the Event

We’ll see more change in the next 5 years than we saw in the last 40. People are increasingly conscious that the companies they buy from have a purpose beyond profit, yet still expect products and services to be instantly available and offer value for money. And as growth becomes harder to find, trade customers are consolidating and becoming more sophisticated. That’s tilting the balance of power and transforming traditional buyer-supplier relationships. So, what do we do about these changes?

To stretch your thinking and generate ideas, we’re creating a forum with a group of commercial leaders under the theme Business Not As Usual: reset what you do about growth, now. You’ll get inspiration from trends experts and hear from senior leaders of some of the world’s most successful organisations. Most importantly, you’ll discuss these commercial challenges with your peers, make sense of what you’ve heard and come away with actions you can take, immediately.

What we’re exploring


The trends that are shaping our business future


What these trends mean for commercial strategy


The new engines that are creating sustainable growth


How to make sense of the commercial complexity


Bjorn Bernemann

VP/General Manager PepsiCo Lipton Partnership Europe & Sub-Sahara Africa

Frederico Luna

Global Industry/Vertical Lead, Amazon

Thimon De Jong

Keynote Speaker, Strategic Foresight Expert

Emma Beale

Head of Own Brand Strategy, Waitrose

Joe Llewellyn

UK Head of Commercial Marketing, Vodafone

Dan Robinson

Managing Director, Europe Export & Global Duty Free, Heineken Brouwerijen B.V.

Luigi Matrone

Founder & CEO, eBusiness Institute


Thursday, September 27th

12: 00 PM



1: 00 PM

Session One

Future human behaviour in the connected society

Thimon de Jong, strategic foresight expert and passionate, interactive speaker

Session Two

Making health a key driver for Waitrose

Emma Beale, Own Brand Strategy, Waitrose

Session Three

Finding new engines of growth

Panel discussion with:
Luigi Matrone, Founder & CEO, e-business Institute
Frederico Luna, Global Industry/Vertical Lead, Amazon
Bjorn Bernemann, VP/General Manager PepsiCo Lipton Partnership Europe & Sub-Sahara Africa

Session Four

Moving faster in the search for growth

Dan Robinson, Managing Director, Europe Export & Global Duty Free, HEINEKEN

Session Five

Building a customer-centric business

Joe Llewellyn, UK Commercial Director, Vodafone.

6:00 PM


Cocktails & finger food


The Conservatorium Amsterdam

Venues don’t get much more inspiring than the Conservatorium in the centre Amsterdam. The world’s most creative capital has a venue that’s equally imaginative.

Venue address

Van Baerlestraat 27, 1071 AN Amsterdam, Netherlands

Latest Thinking

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A simple recipe to evolve your organisation for growth

To keep growing, organisations need to refocus on how to really make life better for people. In short, we need to go back to putting the people we serve at the heart of all our thinking, and relentlessly removing the barriers to that within these organisations.

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